Monday, July 7, 2014

{#Giveaway} Just Couldn't Put It Down #Giveaway Hop

I think the title of this hop describes it all, and I have too many to name, but I did run across a series that I HAD to read all 4 books that had been released back to back. They are a series, but each book, except the first two, are about a different couple.

The Reed Brother Series is about 5 brothers who have had to exist on their own for too long. They've done nothing but take care of one another since they found themselves without parents. The first two books are about Logan, the third book is about Peter, the fourth about Matthew, and the fifth about Paul. I assume the sixth book with be about Sam, but there's no blurb out yet. All are sexy and swoon-worthy, all a bit damaged, some greater than others.

I'm going to give away all 5 novels that are out as of now. There are 3 novellas, but I'll let you decide whether you want to read those or not. (Right now the first novel is free on Amazon right now, and should it still be free when this hop is over, I'll throw in the novellas or a giftcard for $3.99 in place of the first book.)

1. Tall, Tatted, and Tempting
2. Smart, Sexy, and Secretive
3. Calmly, Carefully, Completely
4. Maybe Matt's Miracle
5. Proving Paul's Promise

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