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A  -
Abate, Barbara Forte
     The Secret of Lies
Accardo, Jus
Aleo, Toni
      Empty Net
Angelini, Josephine
Armentrout, Jennifer L.
    The Covenant Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
      Daimon (Covenant 0.5)
      Half-Blood (Covenant 1)
      Pure (Covenant 2)
      Deity (Covenant 3) - A Kelly M Review
      Deity (Covenant 3) - Kristin's Review
    The Lux Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
      Shadows (Lux 0.5)
      Obsidian (Lux 1)
      Onyx (Lux 2)
Ashton, Brodi
       Everneath (ARC)
Alayan, Zeinab
      Puppet Parade - A Kelly Coffee Review
B -
Banks, Anna
    (Arranged in reading order)
      Of Poseidon
Banks, Maya
     Sweet Possession
Blumenthal, Deborah
     The Lifeguard
Boje, TP
Boney, Brad
     The Nothingness of Ben (A Kelly Coffee Review)
Browning, Taryn
     Dark Seeker
     Whispering Hills
Bryan, Deborah
     The Monster's Daughter
Burgess, Melvin
     Doing It
C -
Carey, Anna
      Eve (A Kelly McGeer Review)
Carson, Rae
      The Girl of Fire and Thrones
Cast, PC and Kristin
    House of Night Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
Chase, Nichole
       Mortal Obligation
Childs, Tera Lynn
     Fins (Arranged in Reading Order)
       Forgive For Fins
       Fins Are Forever 
Clare, Cassandra
    The Infernal Devices (Arranged in Reading Order)
      Clockwork Angel
      Clockwork Prince
    The Immortal Instruments (Arranged in Reading Order)
       City of Bones
       City of Ashes
       City of Glass
       City of Fallen Angels
       City of Lost Souls
Cohen, Daniel
      Masters of the Veil
Cooper, Jodie B.
      Stolen: Song of the Sidhe
Conway, Melissa
      SelfSame - A Kelly Coffee Review
Creagh, Kelly
     Nevermore Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
       Nevermore (A Kelly McGeer Review)
Cremer, Andrea
    Nightshade Series (Arranged in Reading Order)

D -
DeStefano, Lauren
Duncan, Jenna-Lynn

E -
Eckrich, Shannon
     Other Side of Forever (A Kelly C Review)

F -
Fitzpatrick, Becca
    Hush, Hush Series
      Hush, Hush
Fuchs, A.P.
     Blood of My World Trilogy

G -
Garvey, Amy
      Cold Kiss
Glines, Abbi
      While It Lasts (Kristin's Review)
      While It Lasts (A Kelly McGeer Review)
      Just For Now (A Kelly M Review)
Gow, Kaitlyn
      Never Say Never
Gratton, Tessa
      Blood Magic
Griffin, McCarty
      Monster Story
Gurtler, Janet
      If I Tell

H -
Hamilton, Laurell K
       Anita Blake Series (Series Sunday - Kelly Coffee)
Hand, Cynthia
    Unearthly Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
Harbison, Paige
       New Girl
Hawkins, Rachel
     Hex Halls Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
       Hex Hall
       Demon Glass
Higgins, Wendy
    Sweet Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
       Sweet Evil - Kelly McGeer
Hodge, Sibel
      Fourteen Days Later
Hodkin, Michelle
      The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Hunter, Elizabeth
     Elemental Mystery Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
        A Hidden Fire
        This Same Earth 

I -

J -
James, E.L.
     Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy (Arranged in Reading Order)
       Fifty Shades of Grey
Jordan, Sophie
     Firelight Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
Julian, Stephanie
       How to Worship a Goddess

K -
Kagawa, Julie
    Blood of Eden Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
       The Immortal Rules (ARC)
    The Iron Fey Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
       The Iron King 
       The Iron Daughter
       The Iron Queen
       The Iron Knight (ARC)
Kate, Lauren
Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Kessler, Lisa
       Night Walker
Kirke, Elizabeth
       More Than Magic

L -
LaFevers, Robin
       Grave Mercy
Leighton, M
       The Wild Ones
Lignor, Amy
       Until Next Time
Lore, Pitticus
       The Rise of Nine

M -
Magee, Jamie
    Insight Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
Marsh, Nicola
      Busted in Bollywood (ARC)
Massie, Aine P.
      Blood's Voice
      Blood Bound
McGarry, Katie
      Pushing The Limits (ARC)
      Pushing The Limits (A Kelly McGeer Review)
Mead, Rachelle
Meredith, Christina
      Kiss Crush Collide
Michelle, P.T.
      Brightest Kind of Darkness
Miranda, Megan
      Fracture (ARC)
Moning, Karen Marie
    Fever Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
Morcan, James & Lance
      The Orphan Factory (A Kelly C Review)
Morgenstern, Erin
     The Night Circus

N -
Nieto, Ron C
      Silent Song (ARC)

O -

P -
Perkins, Stephanie -
     Anna and the French Kiss
     Lola and The Boy Next Door

Plum, Amy
     Die For Me

Q - 

R -
Raveling, Emma
Rees, Douglas
     The Juliet Spell
Riordan, Rick
     The Demigod Diaries (A Kelly C Review)
Robert, Katee
     Wrong Bed, Right Guy
Roberts, Patti
     Paradox: The Angels Are Here
     Paradox: Progeny of Innocence
Rodriguez, Nilsa
     The Rising Moon
Roth, Veronica
      Divergent Series (Arranged in Reading Order)

S -
Seresin, Lynn
     Thin Air Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
        Thin Air
Showalter, Gena
     White Rabbit Chronicles
       Alice in Zombieland - A Kelly M Review
Smith-Ready, Jeri
Sorensen, Jessica
    Death Collectors
      Ember (Death Collectors #1)
    Secrets of Ella & Micha
      The Secret of Ella & Micha
Spear, Terry
      The Dark Fae
Steifvater, Maggie
    Shiver Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
Stevens, E. J.
       Ivy Granger Series
         Shadow Sight #1 - A Kelly Coffee Review
Stokes, Elise
     Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula
Straight, Nancy
      Meeting Destiny
    Touched Series
      Blood Debt

T -
Taylor, Georgina Anne
     The Taint: Sorrow's Child - (Kelly Coffee)

U -

V -
Verday, Jessica
    The Hollow Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
        The Hollow
        The Haunted
        The Hidden
Vincent, Rachel
     Soul Screamers Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
        My Soul to Take
        My Soul to Save
        My Soul to Keep
        My Soul to Steal
        If I Die
        Before I Wake

W -
Ward, H.M.
    Demon Kissed Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
      Demon Kissed
Weatherly, L.A.
      Angel Burn
Webber, Tammara
Wells, Dan
      Partials (A Kelly McGeer Review)
White, Kiersten
     Paranormal Series (Arranged in Reading Order)
Whittier, Aris
      Across Eternity

X -

Y -
York, Kelley

Z -


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