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Hey everyone! Thank you so much for checking out our review policy. (*hint - We give preference to those requests that have obviously read our review policy. In the long run, it will save us all time and words.) Our contact info is toward the bottom of this post.

If you are an author, publisher, or publicist and would like us to review a book for you or a client...keep reading....
I love being able to review books for traditionally, independently, and self published authors. There are so many great books out there...just not enough time. We are changing our policy a shouldn't really affect much.

*Independent and self-published authors that I have worked with previously will go to the front of the line.* ~Kristin

Genres we review~ (NOTE - We prefer YA...always)
  • Young Adult Paranormal Romance
  • Young Adult Urban Fantasy
  • Young Adult Dystopian
  • Young Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Adult Paranormal Romance
  • Adult Urban Fantasy
  • Adult Dystopian
  • Adult Contemporary Romance
*We will accept traditional, independent, and self-published authors writing in these genres. 

What we include in my review~
  • Title, Series, Author Name, Publisher, Release Date
  • Goodreads Synopsis (unless otherwise specified)
  • Links to author website/blog, twitter, facebook, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads
  • If appropriate - a character breakdown
  • Narrator Voice, character POV, my summary, things I really loved, and anything else I find important.
  • At the bottom of my review, in small print...I will specify that the book was given to me by author or publisher in return for my HONEST review.
  • We are a part of Respect the ARC campaign which you can find more about HERE or at Behind Yellow Eyes.
I enjoy participating in Virtual Book Tours so if you are setting one up, feel free to ask.

Where I post my reviews~
  • This blog of course
  • Goodreads
  • Amazon
  • Smashwords (If the book is purchased from them.)
  • Barnes and Noble  (This depends on the day...sometimes they accept reviews, sometimes they don't.)
  • If there is somewhere else you would like us to post the review...let us know.
Once a review is posted~
  • We tweet the link, including your twitter ID
  • We post the link on my Facebook Page
Formats we accept for review~
  • ARC's
  • Printed Copies (paperback or hard cover)
  • E-Books (Preferably MOBI...but I will accept EPUB or PDF's) PDF's tend to be horribly formatted even after being converted, which can take away from the story.
  • If you need something done by the release date of your book, please give us one complete month's notice
  • We do not guarantee to review every book We read. (Reading is our escape and hobby, if any one of us become overwhelmed with requests then we all suffer. Your work of art that you spent months on deserves our utmost enthusiasm...if  we are unable to provide that, then the review could suffer and that's not fair to you.)
  • If we believe our review could be detrimental to you, we will contact you regarding other options.
  • We will attempt to have the review posted within a month of receiving the book; however, there are times that it could take up to three months depending on my personal work load. If this is the case, we will let you know via email.
  • We reserve the right to decline any book based on our likes and dislikes.
  • IMPORTANT ~ Since I have started reviewing books, I have worked with several authors who have asked for my assistance by doing beta-reading or promoting their sequels. I have made obligations to them and will make them a priority. I am happy to do these things and look forward to making further acquaintances and helping authors and publishers in any way I can. 
  • Because of recent events, I feel the need to clarify...We will make every attempt to read and review all requests we accept. However, we are students, mothers, and full time employees. We have likes and dislikes. There will be times when we will be unable to review a novel sent our way. For this, we apologize in advance. We would also like to note...our reviews are based SOLELY ON OUR OWN OPINION. If you have a question or concern, we welcome TASTEFUL and CONSTRUCTIVE private dialog. Email us!
Email us! (Kristin Aragon - Owner/Reviewer of Better Read Than Dead)
Better Read Than Dead Twitter
Better Read Than Dead Facebook
Better Read Than Dead at Goodreads (Kristin or Kelly)

Or...just fill out this form:

*Our reviews consist solely of our own opinions and are not influenced by any author, publisher, or other entity. We do not receive monetary compensation for our reviews. When we review any book, we try very hard to make them spoiler free. We do this because we do not want to ruin the experience for other readers. We try to include a character breakdown in each review so you know a little about the people you will be reading about. All synopsis come from Goodreads unless otherwise stated. If you should have a direct question about the story line...feel free to contact me at any of the places below.

Respect the Arc Campaign

This is a campaign sponsored by Behind the Yellow Eyes. For more information please check their site.

I have worked in healthcare for many years and have learned to have a great deal of respect for ethical behavior. Having the privilege of acquiring ARC's (Advanced Reader Copies) from Netgalley (legally), publishers, and authors; I am very respectful of the authors and publishers. The copies are marked "UNCORRECTED E-PROOF-NOT FOR SALE" or they could be a physical book that is marked not for resale. Often there are changes that are made before the book is published. When you see one, you will know it is not for sale.

Believe me when I say authors and publishers work very hard to create these works of art. Any misuse (ie...selling, reprinting, copying, plagiarizing, etc) is completely unethical. If you create something, you would expect your masterpiece to be treated with respect, so my moto unto others as you would have them do unto you. Not so hard, right?

Many bloggers are allowed to receive advanced copies as part of a publicity campaign for the book and author. If you are one of these people, consider yourself privileged. Authors or publishers sometimes allow these copies to be won via giveaways from bloggers or contests. If you should win one, please, please have enough respect for the creators to value the opportunity. Please do not buy or sell ARC's from anyone at any time. If you know of anyone buying or selling ARC's please report them.

When reviewing an ARC, always give credit to the author, publisher, and entity you legally obtained the ARC from. I always include links to the author's, publisher's, and entity's websites as a common courtesy.

Kristin Aragon - Owner/Reviewer of Better Read Than Dead

Other Better Read Than Dead Reviewers:

~Kelly McGeer
~Kelly Coffee
~Shalena Douthit


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