Monday, March 12, 2012

{Cover Reveal} My Super Sweet 16th Century

Time for another shout-out to Danielle over at Entangled Publishing for another beautiful cover reveal and excerpt. I'm reveling in this one.

Oh, I love this cover and excerpt reveal so much. Let me tell you, I read two excerpts and had to choose just one to tempt you lovely people with and it was a VERY difficult decision. I bet if you hunt around the blogosphere a little, you'll find the other excerpt though. And you know my fondness for all things love sceney related...well, it's why I chose the one I did. I hope you enjoy and I am already biting at my nails to get my paws on this one.

MeetCute - Excerpt

     Alessandra jerks back like I just suggested she prance around the square naked or something. “No! I believe I understand your meaning, and Lorenzo is certainly not my suitor. He is like a brother to me—the three of us grew up together.”

     She resumes walking and I fall in step beside her, understanding there has to be more to the story. And as we near the end of the row, I finally ask, “If you’re not into the guy, then what’s the problem?”

     At that same moment, a rich, deep chuckle hits my ears. My stomach involuntarily clenches and my gaze sharpens on the back of this mysterious Lorenzo.

     Alessandra sighs. “That is the problem.” She places her hand on my arm and solemnly looks me in the eyes. “You must be careful. Lorenzo is beautiful, and it is not uncommon for a girl to walk away from meeting him with a piece of her heart left behind. But he is just eighteen, and not yet ready for marriage.”

     I roll my eyes and laugh, then realize she’s serious. “Yeah, I assure you, there’s no danger on my end. I’m not exactly looking for marriage myself.” Because that would be crazy-town.

     Alessandra wrinkles her nose as if she doesn’t believe me, but she removes her hand. We close the distance and Cipriano flashes me an open, honest to goodness, lighthearted smile.

     “Lorenzo, this is the cousin I was telling you about.”

     Slowly the guy turns and I fall head first into the richest chocolate-brown eyes I’ve ever seen. He blinks and long, luscious lashes feather across his bronzed cheeks. I can feel myself gawking, but I physically can’t drag my eyes away. Lorenzo doesn’t smirk or act all conceited, either. He simply stares back, his eyes casually skimming over me, causing my skin to warm and break out in a whole body tingle.

     Time seems to stop, and the sounds of the market mute. Alessandra was right. This boy is beautiful.

     And he’s looking at me.

Anyone want to know what a MeetCute is? Well, here's your answer from the most trust-worthy of sources...The Urban Dictionary. LOL.
Scenario in which two individuals are brought together in some unlikely, zany, destined-to-fall-in-love-and-be-together-forever sort of way (the more unusual, the better).
My Super Sweet 16th Century, by Rachel Harris is available for pre-order on: Amazon | Barnes & Noble Be sure to add it to your TBR pile on Goodreads!  Set release date is September 11, 2012.

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