Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Things to Come!

Hey guys so I'm back for the holidays! I haven't done much on the blog this year but it's because I have been so busy with my Honours year at university. It's been really hectic. I have been reading though but I just didn't have any time to think up reviews because honestly? When I didn't have to do anything for uni I took great enjoyment in being very very lazy, but I miss the blog so I'm making an effort.

So I spoke to Kristin about making a few changes on my end with the reviews and she agreed which made me very happy. I'm not just going to review books anymore, but everything. Books, music/music videos, movies, TV shows and anime. I am a serious anime freak and I would like to get new people watching it and share my freakouts with more anime freaks like me. Kristin unfortunately doesn't like anime because the woman doesn't like ANY type of animation, which I have to say shocked my system for about a week, but she has legitimate reasons at least so I got over it! Most people have  misconceptions when it comes to anime and I'm here to set everyone straight. I'm also kind of an anime snob so if you do find yourself liking this medium and you go in search and you come across an anime I haven't talked about or that I didn't like, don't be put off, I only like a certain type of anime and you might like something completely different. I don't judge! Same goes with music, I like a great deal of different types of music but I don't care much for House, Country, RnB and Rap. All the other types I love, but if you want me to listen to a song or see a music video don't hesitate to suggest it to me. I'll listen to every song once!

I wanted to start off with a top 50 must watch, must read and must listen. Since this is originally a book blog, I will start with that. It should be up by tomorrow,  maybe after. I've read a lot of books so it might take some thinking, hehe. If you guys have suggestions,  I'm open to putting them into the list!


  1. Kelly is right, indeed! I do not like many animations, although, I am looking forward to The Book of Life, an animation based on Dia de Los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. Man, am I excited for this movie. Also, Cinderella, Finding Nemo, and Rise of the Guardians are to die for!

    Kelly and I are different in a lot of ways, but we love to tease each other.

  2. I have literally never heard of that! I will be òn the lookout!



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