Sunday, April 15, 2012

{Review} The Monster's Daughter by Deborah Bryan

Title: The Monster's Daughter
Author: Deborah Bryan


Seventeen-year-old Ginny Connors figures she's gotta be imagining things when her father starts showing signs of being a bloodsucking fiend. Still, she hangs a cross on her bedroom door. Just in case.

When Ginny discovers people aren't the guests but the main course at her father's New Year party, she wishes she could save the day with garlic pancakes. Instead, she must face the limits of her daydreams, and attempt to stop the monster her father has become.

The Monster's Daughter tells the story of a young lady who must face the sins of her father and prove she's not like him. He's a powerful vampire who lives on the darkside. Ginny, the favorite daughter, must protect her sister and her friends from his wrath. Sadly, she doesn't win every battle...which is part of the reason I enjoyed this novel so much. It's nice to see everything not go the way it is supposed least sometimes.

Ginny's story isn't a long one, taking only a couple of hours for me to devour once I had time to FINALLY get to it. I enjoyed her boyfriend, Joey. He stuck beside her and helped her in any way he could...even when he didn't know Ginny's secret. The only thing I found somewhat off-putting is Ginny's reaction to certain horrific events. It appeared as if she simply accepted these great losses, with no real WTH?, and moved on. I definitely could have used a little more emotion on her part.

I love the unique spin Ms. Bryan put on the whole YA Vampire Phenomena. Ginny wasn't looking to become a vampire, much the opposite honestly. She did what she had to do to protect humans in general...not just her boyfriend. This novel is definitely told from a fresh and inventive outlook. I recommend The Monster's Daughter for all vampire enthusiasts. 

*I received an ebook from the author in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Thank you for your candid, thoughtful review of my first novel!

  2. Actually, I love this take. As a rule, I always enjoy it when writers grab the good old topics and twist them - and in doing so, make the stories imprevisible and darker and more realistic! I will definitely try to read this one...

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I just finished reading The Monster's Daughter and couldn't put it down! This is not your average young adult vampire novel. The story is layered and moving and the characters are as complex as they are compelling. I was dying to know how the story would end, and wasn't disappointed. Read this book!!

    Irene (Hummer Accessories)



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