Thursday, July 19, 2012

{Indrocdutions} Kelly McGeer

Hey everyone! I just wanted to update everyone on a few things changing here at Better Read Than Dead. I've been staying incredibly busy with a side project or two but don't want to give up my blogging, so I've tricked (shh...don't tell them) into writing some reviews.

You've been introduced to Kelly Coffee. She's written a review and a Series Sunday post for us so far. I look forward to reading more of her reviews soon.

Today, I'm introducing another Kelly. This time we have Kelly McGeer. If you get confused on who is who, just check out the signatures at the bottom of their reviews. Kelly M is fixing to post a review on Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins. It is a must read! I let her take this review because she is so attached to the characters, I felt she was the best person for the job. I've read the review and she had me rolling on the floor. She definitely has a way with words.

So...let's see if I can find a picture of her! 

Kelly hales from Johannesburg, Gauteng and is attending University studying Psychology, so we're all being very careful around here, or she may find out we are all insane. Actually, she knows that already. 

I met Kelly about a year ago in my favorite book group ever. Starbooks. We've drooled over crush-worthy guys together (seriously, the pics posted on this group are enough to make you blush), debated books, and squealed over our newest book crush. It changes day to day. Just don't mention Zach from the Shade series, because she is a hater. LOL. Just kidding Kelly, you know I love you! 

I hope you guys love all my new reviewers as much as I do. We all have our own style and tastes, and I think adding new reviewers to the blog will be tons of fun. 

Be sure to drop Kelly M a welcome note. I'm excited to have her here!

You can find her on Twitter! @kellymcgeer


  1. Haha what an awesome Welcome Kristin!!! Thank you!!

  2. Welcome on board, Kelly! I look forward to reading your reviews and discuss even more books! (as if twitter and Starbooks weren't enough... hehehe! But are we kidding? It's never enough when it comes to book talk!)



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