Sunday, July 22, 2012

{Review} Cutting Edge by Robert W. Walker

Title: Cutting Edge
Author: Robert W. Walker
Genre: Criminal Suspense
Series: Lucas Stonecoat #1


Robert W. Walker, author of the phenomenally successful Instinct thrillers returns to his acclaimed Edge series -- featuring Native American police detective Lucas Stonecoat and police psychiatrist Meredyth Sanger. Stonecoat must track the Scalper -- a insatiable killer whose grisly calling card cuts deep into the heart of Stonecoat's Native American heritage.

This book starts out a little slow for me but by chapter 12 I started getting antsy to know what Stonecoat and Dr. Sanger would do with the case. Walker had me reeled in with the way he made me think that Stonecoat didn’t want to take the chance but with Sanger’s pursuit, he was all in. It was like she was just pulling him along. Both characters had a love-hate persona for each other. Throughout the book Walker puts in all kinds of twist and turns making it a true suspense novel. After reading this, I have found a new suspense author to add to my favorites.

Shalena C. Douthit


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    1. thanks for the nice review; much appreciated -- Robert W. Walker... ps I shared via facebook, twitter and google.



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