Thursday, December 20, 2012

{A Kelly M Post} My Top 10 Book Boyfriends of All Time

Ok so I'm bored and I thought I'd do a top 10 book boyfriends post because I like to know who other people love and how they differ from my tastes! So give me the list of your top 10 and if you want you can give the reasons why you love them. This will be fun!!

Here is my list:

1.Jace Wayland, why because the guy is perfection personified
2.Will Herondale, he is British, tortured and loves books and poetry, the guy is the whole package
3.Irial (Wicked Lovely Series), he is the Dark King of Faeries, yeah enough said
4.Daemon Black, he looks like a God and he is so sweet and romantic and he is just so powerful, I love it!
5.Cole (Alice in Zombieland), he is my type down to the last tattoo. That is all
6.Seth (Covenant), he is a badass and misunderstood and fiercely protective. I will always be team Seth
7.Dank (Existence trilogy), he is Death, cant get more forbidden than that.
8.Ash (Iron Fey), HE IS THE ICE PRINCE!!!! and he is so dangerous and deadly and yum
9.Adrian Ivashkov, he has always been the underdog and honestly he breaks my heart. I just want him to                find love or i will kidnap him and love him!
10.Kaiden (Sweet Evil), Demon of lust, he is the boy that you shouldn't be with at all and that's why i want him!!


  1. Great choices! I love all those guys ^^ So happy you included Irial! I've been meaning to re-read Ink Exchange for a while now...
    Someone I'd include is Varen Nethers from Kelly Creagh's Nevermore trilogy.

    1. Oh Yes I love Varen as well!!! And Irial is one of my babies. Whenever I reread the Wicked Lovely series, I go into a literal Irial obsession. Kristin will confirm this haha



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