Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Response To Critics On Everything Young Adult

Hey all. I know I haven’t been very active on the blog for quite some time but I’m so busy with university stuff that I can’t even read. I am completely swamped and it sucks, but I am taking some time out to address something that has been irritating me for a while.

I haven’t seen City of Bones yet since it only gets released in my country in September but I saw a lot of hate from the critics. I am not going to comment on the movie since I haven’t seen it yet but this post rather, is about all Young Adult stories, whether they are being made into movies or if it’s just books.

The first thing I want to talk about is how critics or people who don’t read the genre seem to refer to it as tweeny-bopper nonsense and how these stories/movies will only be enjoyable by tweens/teens and that literature has been dumbed down for them and there is no more quality writing.

 I am sorry but this very insulting to me. I am almost 23 years old and I know a lot of people in their 40s and even my grandmother who is 70 who enjoy these stories. We are quite far away from being teens. So i want the critics/general public to do some research into the fandoms before using insulting terminology and why insult tweens or teens saying that they are dumb and that's why they like this? Secondly the fact that it has been dumbed down? That is so rude to say. I have university degree and I’m busy adding to it and will probably do my Honours next year. I alone probably have more qualifications than somebody who writes hate for a blog, let alone all the other people out there who have degrees and jobs.

 The literature has not been dumbed down. They don’t know what the stories contain, they don’t know the issues that get addressed in it. Whether it’s being gay in a society that doesn’t accept or acknowledge it or a society who decides what you need to conform to or racial/species that are forbidden to be together because it is frowned upon, these Young Adult novels are rich with issues and different perspectives that helps us look at things from a different angle if we didn’t think that way in the beginning. It helps us, especially teenagers, to grow as a person and to not be so damn judgemental of everyone around us. I am reading ‘actual literature’ in English class at the moment and I couldn’t be more bored. The characters are boring and mostly annoying and have no real depth to me, also these books deal with issues of that specific time, how am I supposed to relate? Now these critics/general population would say, oh yes but these books are so much more relatable because they vividly remember finding out they were half angel or they remember when the world was plunged into a post-apocalyptic era. 

That is when I will call you childish. Just because these novels gives us a different sort of world to deal with, it doesn’t let go of the issues that we face today.

The second thing that I would like to rant over is the fact that they dare say that they are tired of ‘strong’ female protagonists in stories and that because it has a female protagonist that the story would automatically suck. Excuse you, but you don’t see me complaining that all these dumbass superhero movies get redone over and over again. I swear to God, Superman has probably been done since Hollywood existed, then we get the numerous Batmans and Spidermans(only superhero I actually like), but no of course this doesn’t get criticized as being redundant because it is a big strong man saving the day with his superior awesomeness.

 Good for you, but why can’t girls be strong and awesome as well? Why are girls not allowed to be heroes? Why do we have to be saved by guys all the time? It’s unfair and yes I will find you sexist if you think this way.  Just because a girl is the hero does not mean everything about the story/movie will be horrible. You are being prejudicial and your opinion then becomes invalid. You have no knowledge of the story/movie (that you have watched or isn’t even out yet) and now you want to try and have an opinion? I’m sorry but this is unprofessional, shoddy and immature work.

The third thing that irritates me immensely is the opinion going about that every Young Adult story out there is exactly the same.  Everything with a “love triangle” is seen as Twilight. Everything with love in, in general is seen as Twilight. Anything that consists of vampires or werewolves are obviously Twilight rip-offs or wannabe’s. Anything that has a supernatural character in it is seen as Twilight. Anything with a magical element in it is obviously Harry Potter. Mythology? Oh this is a copy of Percy Jackson because Greek mythology is the only mythology to exist in the entire world. Dystopian world? Yes this will be exactly the same as The Hunger Games. I swear that they will probably compare The Fault In Our Stars to Twilight in some way calling it a sadder version of Twilight without the paranormal elements. 

For the love of God, none of these books invented any of these elements, they do not own the rights. These elements have been around for centuries. People need to stop comparing everything to these four books, because in all honesty in all the times the stuff has been compared it could not be further from the truth.  You are proving to me the limits of the information you possess.

People need to stop hating on things other people love, calling us stupid for liking Young Adult and that we do not know good literature is insulting and not professional. If you do not enjoy the genre STOP WATCHING THE MOVIES!!!!!!! I find people incredibly sad who make their living on hating everything that is enjoyable and fun. If you want to critique the story/movie then do so professionally. DO NOT attack the author. DO NOT attack the fans. DO NOT attack the actors on their physical appearance and DO NOT attack a genre you know nothing about.

So this was my little rant, I’m sorry but I just had to say something. This can’t go on. We need to stand together as a Young Adult fandom and go watch every Young Adult movie that gets released just to shove it in their faces.


  1. Gosh Kelly! You have wise words I agree with you all the way!
    I just watched the covers for the Iron fey series and they say: "The next twilight" Oh God's sake! They are comparing vampire and fey!!!

    1. Lis,

      I saw that comparison on another series or something similar and I was like... Um, no. Not even close. Ugh!


    2. Yeah Lis I saw that and I burst out laughing in public!

  2. Oh I sooo agree with you! I haven't read this book or seen the movie, but in general what you say is absolutely TRUE! I tend to ignore movie reviews for the most part ever since the summer when Scooby Doo was released and every single review I read was badmouthing it. I loved the cartoon as a kid and was excited for the movie. Ended up loving it and didn't know why the critics were being such hardasses. Hell, I could rant a good long post about that in particular myself! The cartoon was on in 69 and through the 70s and even longer as more versions of the show were created. New series, new seasons. So adults might be liking the jokes and whatnot a bit more, but some of the crap that was said ticked me off like one thing about insinuating that whoever was in the Mystery Machine must have been doing drugs since smoke was coming out of it and it was the 70s van or whatever. Hello!! Any kid will tell you that it's likely Shaggy and Scooby cooking something since they love to eat! And naturally, that's what it was! Who the heck would think it was drugs in a kid's movie? Or family movie being a PG rating, but still. That really got me going on rants.

    So yeah, I ignore movie reviews now completely. But I totally understand your rant! When talking with new people--like outside of blogging and conventions and author signings, basically anything book related--I say that in my free time I like to read a lot. Which generally goes to what do you like to read. Urban Fantasy which then goes to a clueless look and my explaining that it's supernatural things like werewolves, vampires, ghosts, etc etc, mixed with our world in modern day setting, urban landscape. Then I cringed inwardly, thinking please don't say Twilight, please don't say Twilight. And sure enough they say, "Oh like Twilight." Which then gets me started on another tirade where I explain, no not like Twilight since Twilight wasn't even the first idea of vampires mixing with our ordinary world. And I in no way mean to bash Twilight, but Meyer was not the first one to write about vampires going to high school or even vampires in our world right now in general.

    And oooh Lis you bring up a good point too! Twilight and The Iron Fey? Really?! Like you said, we're talking 2 different "creatures" here. That'd be like saying Jaws is the next Jack the Ripper. Something that makes you say "say what?!" Well because they both kill people of course.

    I still believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and naturally that's what reviews are, someone's opinion. But what bugs me in this situation why send some--and I am totally just guess here--30-40 as an estimate, adult, most likely male, again not to get sexist or anything, to write a review based on a movie that might be geared more towards the young female. And yeah, older women are entitled to like it, but why have someone who's so far off base to being attracted to such a movie, write a review for it? That'd be like sending me to a football game or something and be expected to write a review on it. I am not a sportsfan whatsoever. I know nothing about sports, do you think I could write a nice review on that? Not a chance.

    But yes, I totally agree with your rant. Why these reviewers feel the need to use stereotypes and all that other crap to write their movie review is beyond me.

    Sorry for my ever so long comment! Found myself agreeing with you so much and once I get started on a rant, it's hard to stop! But I am forcing myself to stop because otherwise I might keep going! :)

    1. Oh Jessica! How Kelly and I love you, though I must admit I fall into that 30-40 age range you speak of, and you called me "older" so I'm not sure if I should be nice or not. Haha. Just kidding.

      In my humble opinion, Cassie's books attracted readers of all ages and sexes. My husband who is older than I, which makes him ancient, has read both series she has out right now and constantly bugged me to tell him all the answers while he read them. He took me to the movie because, gasp, my teenage daughters didn't want to go and he enjoyed it.

      Film critics are a complete different breed. They shun all popular fiction and look for what "they" think is classic material. I'm like you, I completely stopped listening to critics a long time ago. Everything I love, they hate and vice versa. My confusion is where are the fans of the TMI fandom, because we know they exist? Why aren't they seeing the movies? Surely they're not listening to these so called "critics."

      I'm honestly hoping that this holiday weekend brings in more money. I know most of the kids in the US had either just returned to school or were returning the next week, so maybe between that and back to school finances, they couldn't get out. I don't know the answer honestly. And if they're worried there are changes, well there are. There always will be when it comes to book/movie or book/TV adaptations. What works on paper won't always work on the big screen. Sucks, but it's true. Personally, I loved the changes. They stayed true to the plot and really that's all that matters, or it should be.

      So... this being a holiday weekend, everyone needs to get out to the theaters and see City of Bones, because looking at the numbers, I'm fearful of what might happen otherwise.

      Thanks for your heartfelt response!

    2. Jessica your reply made me smile!! You are so right! I just want everyone to go see it 1000 times so that it will do well and also people DO need to stop moaning about it

  3. You know what? I couldn't agree more. I really hope this film company doesn't rely on the stats from the CoB movie, if they're deciding if they should continue the series. Because if they do, they will be crushing lots of people's hopes and upsetiing a VERY big fandom. It's not just that, people don't understand, that no matter how bad a movie is (Unless it's completely awful and nothing like the book) this is a chance for fans to see there favourite characters come to life...By being so pessimistic, they are ruining that.. Great post!

    Rita xx

    1. Preach it sister. People need to stop complaining. I don't get it.

  4. I LOVE YOU GUYS! ALL OF YOU! I wanna roll you up in a great big ol YA ball and hug the shit out of you! I'm...well, hell, I'm just gonna say it...I'M 35 YEARS OLD! THAT'S RIGHT! AND I LOVE ME SOME YA BOOKS & MOVIES! I took my family to watch COB because, let's face it, I've been fangirling over this movie since last year. They all new it was coming out and I was NOT going to miss it...So we didn't eat that night, I don't care! So it was me and my husband and three teenagers, two boys and one girl. Not one of them has read these books. AND THEY LOVED IT! And I love them a little more because they loved it! I mostly read YA and I don't find it teeny, weeny or whiny at all. Well, maybe some times, but it usually calls for it. I was really disappoint that some of the fans thought it was just awful. How can you say that? It's never going to live up to the movie you saw in your head while you were reading it. That will always be the perfect movie. But, I'm surprised after all the movies that have come out that they wouldn't watch them with an open mind, knowing that they are INTERPRETATIONS of the book. Not a word for word presentation. And we all know that interpretations are subjective. Sure, I was disappointed over some things in the movie, but I still loved it! Cassie loved it and thought they did an amazing job, and so do I. On a side note, my kids kept asking me what happens next after the movie was over. I tortured them so bad! It was great! BTW: LOVED THIS POST! I'M GONNA SHARE IT! ;)

    1. Haha share it all over if you want Lisah. People all over need to know these things! We need to stand together

  5. Well said!! I'm 37 and will pick up a YA book over any other every time. Thanks for sharing your rant. Loved it!



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