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{Blog Tour & Giveaway} Crest of the Blood Moon

Welcome to the kick off of the Crest of the Blood Moon's Blog Tour! This is the third book in Robin P. Waldrop's BLOOD MOON series, and in my personal opinion, the most intriguing and spine-tingling of all. Gen meets new friends, finds old enemies, and rushes to save werewolves, vampires, Rafes, and humans from the evil Laszlo is certain to bring should he get his way and indulge in Genevieve's blood on the night the Blood Moon rises.

Gen's matured since her days in Ties to the Blood Moon and she no longer just sits around waiting on someone to save her. She found her leverage and it's huge, something I never saw coming, and let me just be honest here... I've spent nearly as much time looking at these books as Robin has, and she still manages to pull an OMG and WTF from me. Seriously! And I have to say, this, of all Robin's twists and turns, has to be my personal favorite. It brings the tension to a whole new level.

We find out that people aren't who we thought they were, and that while all the lore rings true, there are ways around it. Twins of evil people show up and turn out to be pretty good peeps, twins of heroes prove to be traitors. It's a hell of a brain twister.

Robin throws plenty of shock and awe in the last few chapters. Her fight scenes are well written and gave me the chills when I read them. The romance finally comes to a head and we see what finally happens between Gen and William. Do they make it, or has the stress and the miles between them just been too much? This one I'll give no hints on, you must read.

And one last note, to anyone who compared Ties of the Blood Moon to Twilight, just keep reading, because Ms. Waldrop takes a swift and mighty turn that will leave you certain you have not just read another book about vampires and werewolves.

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Inside a castle tower high in the mountains Genevieve is being held against her will. Can she escape her gilded cage and find the answers she seeks?

As Genevieve's birthday nears, time is running out. Who can she trust?



Or maybe a dark stranger Laszlo is holding in the dungeon?

Mistakes are made...

The race is on to reach Alaska. To gather the Adlet Wolves and find William.

Is Genevieve's and William's love enough to save them? Save their friends?

Laszlo is close and on the night of the Blood Moon plans are made for the All Hallow's Eve Ball... The Ceremony. The Sacrifice.

When the blood moon crests will Genevieve die?

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Author Bio:

Obsessive coffee drinker, unicorn enthusiast, batman devotee, video rock band guitarist, softball fan, rockin' grandma, voracious reader, and award winning author of YA/urban fantasy and suspense/thriller novels and short stories.

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  1. Thank you so much for everything, Kristin. You have been my rock!!! Without you to keep pushing me, I would have given up long ago. I'm so glad I didn't.



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