Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{A Kelly M Review} Deity by Jennifer L Armentrout

Title: Deity
Series: Covenant #3
Author: Jennifer L Armentrout
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press


"History is on repeat, and things didn't go so well the last time. "

Alexandria isn't sure she's going to make it to her eighteenth birthday--to her Awakening. A long-forgotten, fanatical order is out to kill her, and if the Council ever discovers what she did in the Catskills, she's a goner... and so is Aiden.

If that's not freaky enough, whenever Alex and Seth spend time "training"--which really is just Seth's code word for some up-close and personal one-on-one time--she ends up with another mark of the Apollyon, which brings her one step closer to Awakening ahead of schedule. Awesome.

But as her birthday draws near, her entire world shatters with a startling revelation and she's caught between love and Fate. One will do anything to protect her. One has been lying to her since the beginning. Once the gods have revealed themselves, unleashing their wrath, lives will be irrevocably changed... and destroyed.

Those left standing will discover if love is truly greater than Fate...

So hey everyone! I’m finally back! I’ve been absent  so long because I’ve been so busy with university tests and exams now but I’m  done and I’m back. I missed everything on this blog so much and I have a ton of reviews lined up for you guys. I’ll Start off with my Deity review since me and Kristin are gonna do something fun involving it soon!
I’ll admit I was deathly scared of reading this book and with good reason since I am and will forever be Team Seth and I’ve been seeing all this anger towards him and I was like O_O what has he done? Am I gonna be destroyed at the end of this book? Will my soul no longer be fully functional? I would have so been broken if Seth turned out to be evil.
Thank God I saw no evil in his actions. Just a boy misguided and that will be my opinion forever! I love love love love Seth so much and even if he was evil, me and my two Starbooks friends Kim and Mariam will be his cheerleaders chanting: “Go Seth Go.” I never used to like Aiden at all but in Deity he got me to like him finally! I was so happy coz I don’t like it when I feel no connection towards a character, so yay for the Aiden love
Deity is mostly an Aiden and Alex book so it was not my favourite out of the series and I DO NOT like the direction Jennifer L Armentrout is taking Seth into because it is breaking my heart but it was still such an awesome book. I can barely write this review coz anything I might mention could be spoilerly. There are so many awesome things that happen in this book that will leave you going, “dafuq? OMG!!!!!!!!”
Jennifer L Armentrout knows how to get you so invested into a story and make you fall so in love with all her characters that most of the times you cannot breathe.  She has become one of my very favourite authors, very fast. The amount of humour in this book is amazing, some of the things that were said left me killing myself with laughter. And can I just say that one character surprise was AWESOME SAUCE and he is one of my absolute favs!!!!!
Deity will leave you feeling like a Bi-Polar person at the end because you are happy, then sad, then happy, then sad and then at the end it leaves you on the brink of a psychotic break. You forget yourself, your life, your world when you read a JLA book.
So be free and enjoy shattering to pieces, I know I did.


  1. I know what you mean - I love Seth as well and I couldn't bear to hate him so I've been avoiding this book for a while now. Thank God he's not evil though! Great review!

    Lyra @ Defiantly Deviant

    1. oh yay another Seth fan!!!!! You should seriously read it though

  2. Team Seth all the way, baby!!!!! Ok, I agree. I came to like Aiden in this book. I know there is tons of Aiden love out there but my heart belongs to Seth. I'm truly terrified of the ride JLA is going to take us on in the next book. The ending of Deity was MIND BLOWING! Thanks for the shout out Kelly! Love you girl!!!



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