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Interview with Declan and Nicholas from Blood's Voice

I want to start by welcoming all my readers to the Blood's Voice and Blood Bound Virtual Book Tour! Today I am having two sexy men stop by for an interview you don't want to miss. On October 25, I will be reviewing Blood Bound, the second installment of House Millar, and hosting a giveaway! Then, on November 1, stop back by for an interview with Aine P Massie...the amazing woman behind House Millar.

Welcome Declan and Nicholas. We thank you for being here today. I have been looking forward to this interview for quite sometime now. I really enjoyed your characters in Blood's Voice and Blood Bound.

Declán, wearing his leather Guardian attire – from the bracer on his wrist and, leather pants to his wicked looking executioner boots – just screams sexy and dangerous, settles down on the couch next to Nicholas.  It seemed to take him a little to decide to sit, having checked the area out first.

Nicholas, who seemed much calmer and more collected, simply smiles after resting his arm across the back of the couch, behind Declán.  He’s decked out in a charcoal gray, double breasted waist coat over a black silk t-shirt, with matching, tailored snug fitting slacks and converse hi-tops.

So Declan, tell me, Anya felt an immediate pull toward you her first day in school, how did you feel about her?

“Honestly?  I thought she was the most beautiful person I had ever met.  I was glad it was ASL class as I’m not really sure I could have talked to her.  I know she thought I was refusing to look her in the eyes but really I was trying my best not to turn beat red and stutter.  She still affects me sometimes like that when I look at her.  She has the most beautiful green eyes, long auburn hair, and well . . .
“I’ve met other vampire women now, and while they are beautiful, there is just something different about her.  Ethereal, regal . . .” Looking down he stops speaking for a moment.  “Sorry.  I get carried away easily when it come to her.” 

  • Kristin: I can understand being tongue tied around such beautiful people. I'm not even sure to say with you very sexy men here...and I'm the interveiwer.

I understand that you were keeping a very important secret at the time. That was very kind. You really would do anything for those you love, wouldn’t you?

“I was.  I don’t know how kind it was though.  My twin sister and her girlfriend needed my protection and help.  They were my best friends.  What else could I do?  We lived in a small community and we all knew that them being together would cause problems.  I hate that they needed my help though.  Their gender shouldn’t matter!  If you knew them you would know how much they love each other and that, for them, they are perfect together.”

Nicholas, you knew Anya before the accident. Has she changed since that time and, if so, how?

“Yes Kristin, I knew her before her memory loss.  We were an informal couple for three decades before then.  As to how she has changed.  I am not sure how to explain it.  In some ways she is every inch the same woman that I loved and lost before.  In other ways she is very different.

“She has always had a love and protective near-obsession of humans, especially the weaker ones.  My family and I refused to bring harm to humans but her view was even more so.  

“I think the biggest change is her fear of self that she often struggles with.  She never feared her own power before.  She had trouble at times with the power of her voice thought it was my weaker then.  But, if you have read our first story you know how hard it was for her to deal with the idea of her feelings for Declán here.  I worried about her far more than I did about him.  Not because I didn’t care about him, obviously, but because she lacked faith in her ability to control her natural cravings.  She had not truly accepted who and what she was.  All that being said, she is still the most wonderful, loving woman I have ever known and love her eternally.”

You obviously had feelings for her from before, how did you feel about her friendship with Declan at first?

“Ha-ha.  Oh, I had feelings for her all right.  It was very hard at times to watch them become close because I feared I would never find a way into her heart again.  You see, once we love someone, it is for as long as we exist.  The fact she did not remember me did not change my love for her." 

“My love for her is the very reason I worked to help her with her desires for Declán.  It was what she wanted and I wanted her happy, even if that wasn’t with me.  Luckily, she chose us both.”

All three of you now share a blood bond and have strong feelings for each other. How do you guys feel about having to share Anya? I know she is a pretty special girl.

Nicholas gestured to Declán, allowing him to answer first.  

“I love Anya very much, as I said earlier.  It never bothered me that she seemed to want Nicholas too.  Well, not in the jealous, ‘I own you’ kind of way.  I was scared she would get bored of me and want him more.  He’s gorgeous, in case you didn’t notice,” he added with a wink.  “But really, I don’t see it as sharing her as much as both of us being lucky enough to have her to love.  Nicholas isn’t competition, he’s . . . well, beyond being my boyfriend, he’s part of her soul.  I love and respect all of her, the part that loves him included.  Does that make sense?  Kayla still thinks I’m nuts some days, even though she adores Anya and Nicholas both.”

  • Kristin: That makes perfect sense Declan, and I think it makes you a wonderful man to accept and love her the way you do. 
Lacing his fingers with Nicholas and giving a squeeze he whispered, “You’re turn dear.”

“Indeed.  Can’t tell he’s smitten can you,” Nicholas said with a laugh.  “I would never have considered sharing, as you put it, for anyone but her I don’t think.  Well, other than Declán of course but that is with her so it is all part of the same bond of love.  

“Until I met Anya I had never emotionally engaged with anyone that I did not consider in a friend or parent role.  There was something about her that drew me in from the start and when I found her again . . . you just can’t walk away from part of your soul and she is that for me.  We were soul bound before her loss,” he said with a shrug.  “Declán is a special person, human or not.  I love them both.  For me, it’s that simple.  They are mine.”

Declan, can you tell us a little more about your role as a guardian?

“I am still learning a lot of what that means.  Being a Guardian means that I am a natural-born vampire hunter.  I don’t know what makes me that way though.  I mean, Kayla, my twin sister, isn’t a Guardian and I know that there were girl hunters before.  

“I have a slightly unique take on what to do with my abilities and skills though.  I work with Nicholas here, partnered, to protect not just the humans in our area but Anya and the Vampire House she’s made.  From what I’ve learned, I’m not supposed to protect any vampires but well, they’re my lovers and family.  I have to!

“But, any that would harm any human in Anya’s territory or any in our House will not survive long.  Vampires that behave are fine but any that kill to feed or torture others like me I will happily introduce to my toys.”

“Behave Dec.  Pointing out how many weapons you have on you at any given point tends to freak most humans out.”  Turning back to face Kristin he continues, “He is always armed and ready to defend others.  He doesn’t see himself like the rest of us do.  He’s a warrior and hero of your kind, child.  Just standing at Anya’s side for meeting is hard for him if it’s with those who have a more traditional diet.  I don’t like it or approve of the others but he truly has trouble not staking all of them.  Makes me just that much gladder that he’s on our side.”

Nicholas, after you all moved a lot of things happened. Are you and Anya feeling any better and will there be any long term effects from the poisoning?

Nicholas shuddered slightly; a flash of pain crossed his features before he controlled himself again and answered.  “I am feeling much better now, thank you.  I have no lingering effects from the poisoning, thankfully.  Anya was not as lucky.  Thanks to her being worse off before Louie healed her and with her mind having already been so damaged before, she will always be slightly off.  Or, we believe she will.  She finds the oddest things still funny or interesting.  She still phases out off and on, which is not normal for even a traumatized vampire.  

“Don’t make the mistake of thinking that her being slightly . . . unique in thought makes her weaker.  She is still one of the most powerful creatures I’ve even known.”

Okay guys, you knew this question was coming. That love scene, between the three of you… wow. Smoking hot. We want details…anything you want to share?

Declán started laughing.  “Oh, of all things to ask about.  Nicholas refused to allow our author to write too much detail.”  Dropping his voice a little and leaning in, he murmurs, “He’s a bit of a prude that way.”
Nicholas sputters at the word ‘prude.’  “I am not a prude.  I just think some things are not their business.  Not everyone wants their sex lives shown to others, thank you very much.”

“See what I mean,” Declán counters with a huge grin on his face.  “Now, he’ll ask to bite-link with Anya to see her memories of her with me, but oh noooo . . .  we can’t share his.

“In all fairness, our author also wanted to keep the story mild enough that she felt alright letting her older boys, and their friends, read our book.  They aren’t adults yet so it was easy for Nicholas to get his way.”

  •  Kristin: That is certainly understandable, young people have such impressionable minds.

Is there anything you guys want to tell us about what is coming in Blood Bound?

“I hope every one likes the second installment in our lives.  This one was a bit different for her to tell as so much happens in such a short time.  I am still not sure how Anya dealt with all the changes and happenings so well.  Just keep an eye on the counsel – not every one there is all they seem to be.”

“Sadly, too true Nic.  She did well with the challenges though.  I just hope they all like bonding that happens,” Declán adds, fidgeting slightly with the Claddagh ring on Nicholas’ left hand.

It’s been great having you two fine specimens of men today. You are welcome to drop by anytime you would like. We would love to have you again. Any parting words?

“Thank you,” they say together and the bust out laughing.  “Sorry,” Nicholas continues.  “Thank you for inviting us.  I hope your readers enjoy our story.”  Nicholas takes Kristin’s hand, bending to kiss the back of it before giving her a fanged smile on his way out. *SWOONS*

Rising to leave, Declán extends his hand to shake and wishes Kristin well.  “Thanks, this was fun.   Also, if any of them have questions, let them know we will stop by later today and answer any they leave for either of us.” 

Thanks again to Declan and Nicholas for taking their time to visit. And as Declan mentioned...if you have any other questions, be sure to leave them in the comments and we might possibly be lucky enough to pry a few more answers out of these two handsome men.

Tour Recap

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