Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays

Well, it's Thoughtful Thursday again so let's get to thinking. 

What is the one sense that can pull you back in time...smells, noises, sights, tastes, or physical feelings (touching)?

My answer...

I was enjoying an unseasonably gorgeous fall day perched on my porch, reading a great book when a car came by with the stereo blaring. I found myself immediately transported back into my high school days. It was a feeling of sheer de-ja-vue. A much simpler time that included days at school and nights with friends and very little responsibility. Spending summer days tanning on the splinter infested docks at the lake, taking a refreshing dip when the sun seared our skin. Joining my best friends at house parties full of irresponsible fun. Meeting my boyfriend of the moment for secret make-out sessions (I was never one to spend too much time on one person).

But thinking back on the feeling now, I'm pretty sure it was the complete experience. The warm sun on my skin, a nice easy breeze stirring the air, the sound of the car with the radio, and the smell of fresh air. It was certainly a day I remember with every sense I have.


  1. By the way I like your question;)

  2. I would say "silence." Just the silent atmosphere transports me back to some past event.

  3. Lol im still in high school, how come my experiences are suckish so far lol

  4. Shae, my daughter feels like that too. I'm pretty sure I felt that way when I was a teenager. It is only now that I can look back and see how great it really was.

  5. Kero, silence is a great source of taking you back. It kind of opens a path to a sacred place or memory. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for liking my question!!!



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