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{Book Spotlight} Shadow of the Blood Moon by Robin P Waldrop

Title: Shadow of the Blood Moon
Series: Blood Moon #2
Author: Robin P Waldrop

Book Blurb: 

Genevieve Labreck is back with a score to settle. Her mom has been kidnapped by Zane, hybrid and all-around monster.  Rumors fly that Gen’s mom is holed away in Prague, a city recognized by humans for its serene beauty and intense culture, but Gen and Will know something humans don’t. Prague is haunted by dark, evil forces.

Can Gen and Will save her mom, or will they be too late? 

Some will live, others will fall. At what price do you walk away from those you love?

Shadow of the Blood Moon (Blood Moon, #2)

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I hadn’t been asleep long when the creaking sound of a door nearby startled me awake. I lay still, listening. After hearing the extremely slow, almost non-existent heartbeat downstairs, I figured William had come back.

I had just rolled over and closed my eyes again when something jerked me from the bed by my hair and threw me across the room. My back slammed against the wall, leaving a large busted place in the plaster. I slid down the wall, shook my head to clear it, then jumped up and scanned the room. I tried to see my attacker, but couldn’t.

An icy hand grabbed my arm and hurled me through the window, glass shattered all around me. I hit the lower roof and rolled. I scrambled, trying to grasp anything to stop my fall, forgetting I couldn’t die. My hand caught the gutter, but as my body fell over the edge, the metal broke away from the house, sending me head first onto the brick patio below. When I hit the ground I landed on my arm and shoulder. The impact dislocated my elbow and jammed a large jagged piece of glass through the back of my shoulder.

After I jumped to my feet, I popped my elbow back in place, and pulled out the chunk of glass, sickened by the soft sucking sound it made. Bright red liquid oozed from the cut as it started to heal. Trying to spot my attacker, I inhaled deeply through my nose. They were definitely close by. I couldn’t see anyone, but I could damn sure smell them. They reeked of rotting tissue and death, which turned my stomach. A vampire could withstand many things, but puss-filled blood wasn’t one of them.

The brightness of the new day and the heat from the sun drained my strength. I think my attacker had known it. I eased backward in the direction of the house, making sure not to let my guard down while I headed for shade. By the time I reached the back door, I felt sure whoever tried to kill me had gone as the stench had disappeared.

An uneasiness overwhelmed me. Why would someone attack me and then run away when they clearly had gotten the better of me? I couldn’t fight what I couldn’t see.

My head snapped to the side when I heard tires squealing. I couldn’t tell if they were coming or going until I heard a door slam and the sound of William’s voice call my name. I grabbed the knob, but found the back door locked.

“William. I’m out here,” I yelled, and banged on the door. He must have heard my racing heart and known I was in trouble. I heard him scream my name.

He yelled my name one last time before he snatched open the back door.

“Oh William, thank God you’re here. Something attacked me.” I wrapped my arms tightly around his waist, thankful he’d gotten back.

William didn’t bother to hold me. Instead, he reached behind his back and grabbed my hands, then jerked me inside the house. His massive grip made my arms throb, but nothing could hurt nearly as bad as the words he spoke. “What did you do, Genevieve?” His eyes turned a terrifying black, again, and the look on his face said he wanted to kill me. His gaze flitted between my eyes and my hands, then he released me. He spun on his heel and stormed into the kitchen.
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Genevieve is a teenage girl who moves in with her aunt in Alaska after the death of her mother. Soon after her arrival she learns the things she was raised to believe only existed in fairytales are in fact a big part of her history. When it gets to be too much she seeks refuge in the arms of her new boyfriend, William, only to find out he's not who she thought he was either.


  1. I love when I find a new series and a new-to me author. Thanks for sharing with me.



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