Monday, October 8, 2012

{Happy Release Day} Flukes by Nichole Chase

Welcome to the Release Day of Flukes by Nichole Chase. Now, for those of you who don't know, when I first started blogging, well over a year now, I found some awesome sauce self-published authors. Nichole Chase is one of them. I've read Mortal Obligation and Mortal Defiance. I still need to read Immortal Grave and Flukes. I have the utmost faith that I will love ANYTHING she writes! Plus, I have a thing for authors who are just so darned nice!

Buy Links for Nichole's Books

Flukes     Amazon     Barnes & Noble (Will get link when available)

Mortal Obligation:     Amazon     Barnes & Noble

Mortal Defiance:      Amazon     Barnes & Noble     

Immortal Grave      Amazon     Barnes & Noble


Meena has a secret guarded closely by her family—a secret as dangerous as the sea, and buried just as deep. When court appointed community service workers are assigned to Flukes, the family-owned animal sanctuary, everyone is on high alert. It doesn’t help that Meena finds herself attracted to sexy-as-sin Blake Weathering, one of the new workers. If he wasn’t so distracting, she might be able to land Flukes a much-needed cruise line contract.

Blake Weathering, the first in his family to attend public school, has developed a tough image. Unfortunately it lands him in trouble. Now banned from his high school graduation ceremony, getting his diploma is dependent upon a community service gig cleaning fish crap. No diploma, no trust fund fortune—and no way to escape his overbearing father. The last thing he needs is the distraction of a mysterious girl with teal eyes who pulls at his heart strings.

When Blake discovers Meena’s secret, they are both thrown into a desperate search for information about her past. Two worlds pull them in opposite directions, and they will have to fight to hold onto all that really matters.

Author Info: 

Nichole Chase is a daydreamer.

No, really, just ask any of the math teachers that had the misfortune of seeing her name appear on their class schedule.

For years she has had story lines and characters begging for attention, but she resolutely pushed them aside to focus on more normal (read, boring) jobs. Well, no longer She is currently heeding the voices in her head and frantically writing their stories. Nichole resides in South Georgia with her husband, energetic toddler, crazy dog, and two cats.

Nichole is the author of the Dark Betrayal Trilogy, Flukes, and the upcoming Suddenly Royal. When not devouring novels by the dozens, you may find her writing, painting, crafting, or chasing her daughter around the house while making monster noises.

Find Nichole:

Website     Blog     Twitter     Facebook

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