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(Author Interview) Dark Seeker by Taryn Browning

An Interview with Taryn Browning!
Surprise - We are revealing the cover to the second Dark Seeker Book during this tour. You will find the third piece of the puzzle somewhere in my post.
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Kristin: Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live?

       I live in Virginia with my husband, two young boys and dog. I love reading, writing and spending
       time with my friends and family.

Kristin: What is the name of the book you are currently promoting?

        Dark Seeker

Kristin: Where did you come up for the idea for your book?

     I guess you could say it was inspired by my love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Both Buffy and
     Janie are strong female characters who do what it takes to get the job done. Plus, they both
     hunt the undead.

Kristin: How long did the entire process from writing your current work to getting it published take?

     Actually, Dark Seeker is my second book. When I wrote my third book I landed my phenomenal
     agent. So I’d say it was about two years between the time I first wrote it, edited it, sent it to beta-
     readers and my critique partner, and edited it some more, lol. I was also querying and writing
     my third book at the same time. To write the first draft of Dark Seeker it took about two months.

Kristin: Who is your favorite character from your book and why?

     As much as I love Janie, Kai is probably my favorite. He’s mysterious and flawed, with a
     complicated past, which makes him a very interesting character. The book switches to his point
     of view later in the story, giving the reader a look into Kai’s inner thoughts.

Kristin: Do you feel like you put parts of yourself in your characters?

     Definitely. Janie is very dedicated and hard working, which I believe I am too. But she is
     also stubborn and at times reckless. I’m more of a perfectionist. I love Janie’s strong-willed,
     independent personality. I wish I was as confident at seventeen.

Kristin: Will there be a sequel or do you have another project in the works?

     I’m currently working on book 2 in the Seeker series. I’m also designing the cover, which has
     been really fun.

Kristin: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

     I draw my inspiration from the amazing writers in the YA genre. I love reading young adult
     paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I am so grateful for the talent and craft they’ve shared
     with their readers. They were my inspiration to start writing my own stories and for this I am so

Kristin: Do you have any “rituals” when you write?

     Yes. I always create a playlist before I start writing a story. Most of the playlists consist of rock
     and alternative music because I write paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I like to wear
     headphones. In a way, it’s like they cut me off from the rest of the world and allow me to delve
     into the world I’m creating.

Kristin: If you couldn’t be an author, but anything else…what would you be?

    Hmm, that’s a tough question. Reading and writing has become such and important part of
    my life. I actually can’t imagine not writing. I’m a former teacher, so I guess I would use my
    education in reading to become a reading specialist.

Kristin: Independently published or commercially published?


Kristin: If independent…did you attempt to get commercially published?

     My agent has manuscripts for submission to editors so I’m working toward traditional
     publication, but I also love being able to independently publish a series that is dear to my heart.
     I love the characters in Dark Seeker and couldn’t wait to share their stories. So I’m very happy
     for the opportunity to be able to put a novel out on my own.

Kristin: Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring writers?

     Never give up and continue writing. Writing is something we do because we love it. It’s a
     passion and an outlet that helps us stay true to ourselves. It is an amazing feeling to be able
     to share my stories with others and it is my hope that they provide the escape that my favorite
     books have given me. Keep writing, learning and improving your craft, and it will happen.

Kristin: What is the most useful advice you received while writing any book?

     Oprah said something that has stuck with me for years. I try to remember it every day. It helps
     me to not over think and analyze things. “There is a vision for my life that is greater than I could
     ever imagine.”

Kristin: When did reading and writing become important to you?

     I have always loved reading and writing. English was my favorite subject in school.
Fun Stuff

Kristin: The apocalypse is coming…what do you do?

     Find Alex Pettyfer & hide out! (Haha, did I really just say that? Yes, I admit he’s my Hollywood
     crush.) Unless of course it was a zombie apocalypse. Then we’d need to put up an electric
     fence to keep them out. *Hiding with Alex Pettyfer sounds like the perfect idea to me.

Kristin: If you were stranded on an island, name the 5 things you could not live without?

     wine, books, my computer (do I get Internet on this island), my children & my husband
     *Internet is a must.
Kristin: What 5 things are within your reach right now? No cheating?

     glass of water, my planner, Milky Way wrapper, “I heart vampires” notepad, purple pen

Kristin: Favorite book ever?

     Wow, this is hard. If I have to name one I’d say the Hunger Games.

Kristin: Ultimate bad boy crush? (TV, Movies, or Books)

     Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. *I love David Boreanaz!!!

Kristin: Ultimate good guy crush? (TV, Movies, or Books)

     Ryan Gosling (Noah) from The Notebook. *Excellent choice...although I cried.

Kristin: Favorite food?

     Bagels or cereal

Kristin: Favorite Movie?

     Pretty in Pink

Kristin: Favorite TV show?

     Vampire Diaries *Me too. Ian Somerhalder...yummy!

Kristin: Favorite Song?

     Set Fire to the Rain by Adele

Kristin: Favorite singer or band?


Kristin: One food you would never try?


Kristin: The most exotic food you have ever eaten?


Kristin: Day on the beach or snow skiing down a mountain?

     Day on the beach.

Kristin: Campfire with smores or curled up in front of the fireplace?

     Curled up in front of the fireplace (with a book).

Kristin: If you could move anywhere on this Earth, where would it be?

     Somewhere tropical with a white sandy beach.

Kristin: Health nut or junk food junkie?

     I try to eat healthy by prefer junk food.

Kristin: Two books you think everyone should read. (Yes, you can and should include yours.)

     Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead & Dark Seeker by Taryn Browning.

Kristin: Are there any blogs or websites you frequent?

     I have many friends in the blogging community so I frequent many blogs. I absolutely love
     reading their reviews and posts. They help me decide what to read next. I’m always in awe of
     how fantastic they are at writing reviews.
Kristin: Places my readers can stalk you?
     Facebook – “Taryn Browning” and “Dark Seeker”
     Twitter – @TarynBrowning and @DarkSeekerFans
     Website –
     Blog –
     E-mail –
A special thanks to Taryn for taking the time to answer a few questions for my readers. Be sure to come back on December 21 for my review and an e-book giveaway! 


  1. Kristin, thanks for having me on your blog and for being part of the Dark Seeker blog tour. It's been so much fun! I look forward to an amazing December. See you on the 21st! Best, Taryn :))

  2. Interesting interview! I'm reading this one right now and so far I'm really enjoying it!

    Xpresso Reads

  3. Must say I'm kind of curious how you can create a playlist in advance of writing a book. Unless of course you pretty much have the general outline of how you want the story to go in your head. But really ... what do I know? LOL

    I so wanted to be an extra in the movie I Am Number Four with Alex Pettyfer but I missed the open casting call. : ( They filmed part of it no more than 15 minutes from where I live.


  4. Hi Pam,

    Thanks for leaving a comment! Ahh, I'm so jealous that you were that close to Alex <3! Great question about the playlist. I start off with my favorite songs by my fave rock and alternative bands and always end up adding as I write. I often click repeat if a song really speaks to me while I'm writing a scene, using headphones so I don't drive everyone mad in my house. I'm forever adding to my playlist. Sometimes I'll hear a song and immediately think of my characters and I have to find it and add it. Thanks again for stopping by! Best, Taryn :))

  5. I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer too!!!! I'm excited for dark Seeker
    red_tigergirl2 (at) hotmail DOT COM



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