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This Same Earth by Elizabeth Hunter

Title: This Same Earth
Series: Elemental Mysteries #2
Author: Elizabeth Hunter
Independently Published
December 7, 2011

Beatrice De Novo thought she had left the supernatural world behind…for the most part. But when the past becomes the present, will she leave her quiet life in Los Angeles to follow a mystery she thought had abandoned her? Where has Giovanni Vecchio been, and why has he returned? Giovanni has his own questions, and he’s looking to her for answers.

The sequel to A Hidden Fire will reunite Beatrice and Giovanni to continue their search through the past while both wrestle with the future. When the world as you knew it has changed forever, is there any way you can turn back?

This Same Earth is the second book in the Elemental Mysteries series. It is a paranormal romance/mystery for adult readers.

This Same Earth is exactly what I have come to expect from the brilliant Elizabeth Hunter - fierce, sexy, and mysterious. This is the second book in the Elemental Mysteries Series, a series delving into a complete new world of vampires. The mystical creatures are able to call on one of the elements: earth, air, water, or fire to aid with anything from lighting a fire to battling their enemies. Their abilities coincide with their element, obviously. The lovely Beatrice stumbled into this world in A Hidden Fire, only to find herself deserted by the one she loved. In this installment, she will be forced to face her past and make decisions that will change her life forever.

Beatrice has grown into a beautiful young woman and has attempted to put the past behind her. She has a great job, owns a quaint little home, and has normal friends - including a boyfriend she loves. Gio disappeared from her life the day she moved to California and she despises him because of it. She suspects he has had a behind-the-scenes role in her life over the years; what she doesn't know is how great that role has been. She has no idea the extents he has taken to assure that she is safe. The people Beatrice has surrounded herself with all these years may not be what they seem.

When the past waltzes back into her life as nothing has changed, Bea finds herself buried in turmoil over her feelings for Gio. She is determined that he will earn her trust again, that he will not just up and disappear again, leaving her broken once again. The romantic tension between these two lurches up a few notches as Bea is determined to remain friends and avoid all romantic feelings for the fire vampire while Gio is determined to have Beatrice back in his life as much more than friends. Who will win, I wonder?

Just as the two are making their way to becoming friends, Lorenzo strikes again...killing someone dear to Gio. Beatrice is determined to be a part of this journey in every way. We tag along with Gio and Bea as they tromp through Europe, seeking justice and freedom, meeting an eclectic group of characters who provide both stability and chaos throughout the adventure. Some you will love and others you will hate. And have no fear...many of the old characters make appearances as time moves forward.

Ms. Hunter's phenomenal world building skills drop you deep into a world fraught with fantastical creatures, frightening circumstances, and unyielding love. This is an unique and addicting series.

The Force of Wind makes it's debut in March of 2012. I am not sure I can wait that long.

Check out my review of the first book, A Hidden Fire.

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