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{A Kristin A Review} Someone to Love by Addison Moore

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Title: Someone to Love
Author: Addison Moore
Publisher: Addison Moore Publishing
December 21, 2012

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***As I searched for the links, I noticed that  Someone to Love is on $0.99 at both Amazon and B & N. I highly advise buying this book ASAP!


What happens when two people who don’t believe in love, happen to fall madly into the most beautiful relationship they could ever imagine? A train wreck.

When twenty-year-old Kendall Jordan transfers clear across country to Garrison University, the last thing she’s looking for is a one-night stand. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what, gorgeous, Cruise Elton offers.

Kendall has long since come to realize that love is an illusion that never lasts, and Cruise couldn’t agree more—but something deep inside her wants him all for herself. So, Kendall devises a seat of the pants plan to “play the player” and proposes that Cruise tutor her in becoming a female version of himself, Garrison University’s own playboy.

Real feelings begin to emerge, and neither Kendall nor Cruise know how to classify them. Everything they once thought they knew is redefined as they discover, in one another, Someone to Love.

This is a New Adult book and contains sexual content and strong language. Recommended for mature readers.

Three words: Hot, Freaking-Funny, and YUMMY! I mean, just look at that cover. The moment my eyes perused that art, I new I had to read this book, and man, am I ever glad I did! Although, I did get kicked out of my bedroom because I kept giggling while my husband was trying to sleep. o_O

So, Kendall Johnson has moved from the warm coast of California to Garrison University into freezing temperatures, and hot boys. When she first arrives on campus, she's looking for her mother's friend's son so she can get her bags up to her room and escape the insanity of the Frat Party. Plus, one person's eyes have been on her since she walked into the room, and she'd like to escape his intensity. When she finally finds Pennington (unfortunate name, I'd say), he tells her that he forgot to get her a room and now she has no where to stay. Furious, she grabs her bags and starts out the door, wondering what she'll do. Seconds later, her white knight arrives. It's Cruise Elton, playboy, man-whore, cares about no one. He's spent the evening being surrounded by hot girls, but he offers to take Kendall out for a burger. And the romance begins.

Kendall is a riot. She doesn't take any crap from anyone. She got a witty remark for almost anything. She's not looking for love, in fact, she really has no need for it at all. She's watched her mom go through guy after guy and she wants more for herself. I like that she wasn't a perfect heroine  she made some mistakes, some stupid mistakes, but she owned them. Never once did she blame someone else or whine. She took care of her own shit.

Cruise got dumped months ago and every since that moment, he's been the life of the party. He's always up for a good time. He doesn't do relationships, he does one-night-stands, until he meets Kendall. Things start shifting in his head and he begins to wonder if maybe he does believe in love after all. I loved Cruise for so many reasons. He honestly was a good man to Kendall, he worked hard and was ambitious, he rolled with the bumps in the road and never strayed far from her side. He was never controlling or possessive, just caring.

My lovely book group friends have been talking about how we're a little tired of the virgin/bad boy formula that seems to be taking over the market. I was a little unsure about this one, but man, am I ever glad I read it. Addison did a wonderful job with the humor and the pacing of the story that the virgin/bad boy was a small, but important part of the book.

The book is written in first person from both Kendall and Cruise's POV and I loved every moment of it! Both characters are snide and witty. They are the perfect match for each other because neither could pull something past the other. If you're looking for a good, funny, and steamy book, I highly suggest this one! I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Favorite Lines:

"Your on a road show with you penis, and trust me, I'm the last person who wants to get in your way. But I'm telling you, operation occupy-my-vagina is a no-go for the evening." Kendall to Cruise

"You know"--she averts her eyes--"work on that M-R-S Degree." She gives him a sexy gurgle when she says it. "At least that's what she wants."

Cruise head over to a tiny anemic tree with sparse needles and gauges me for a reaction.

I shake my head at that one...

"So you're a size matters kind of girl?" he says it low, far to seductive for this early in the morning.
*I received a free ebook from Addison Moore in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I have never met Addison, formally or informally. If her name is used in the review, it is only because she's the author of this book.

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  1. Oh my gosh you gave a rockin' review!!!!! I LOVE this!!!! Thank you for putting me on cloud nine. :) So glad you had fun with it!



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