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Author Interview with Áine P. Massie

 Áine P. Massie, Author of Blood's Voice and Blood Bound

I would like to welcome Áine P. Massie to Better Read Than Dead today. She has been kind enough to swing by for a great interview. Also, Aine has been kind enough to provide us with a delicious scene revolving around a Wiccan ritual...The Silent Supper. Be sure to check it out. It brought tears to my eyes.

Kristin: Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live?
Áine: I’m originally from Florida, USA.  I now live in Wisconsin, happily away from the sun poisoning and heat J.  I live with my four younger children while writing, playing, and enjoying life with mini-monsters.  I have always loved books and, in particular, vampires, mythology, and the ‘unusual’.  I spend most of my time either with my children or writing.  When not doing that I’m reading, working on training, my healing stones, or ritual.

Kristin: What is the first book that really caught your attention?
Áine: The first?  I can remember The Cat in the Hat and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.  I’m a big fan of Seuss… not just for his wacky kids’ books but because of his life story.  If anyone can teach perseverance, it’s Seuss.

When I was older Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire captured my interest and I started reading anything vampiric I could find.  That tapered off as family became more of a focus.  There are so many good books out now that I don’t even know about much less have read. 

Kristin: Did you read much as a teenager?
Áine: Constantly.  I loved to read!  I had a large bookshelf and was enamored with books.  I preferred paranormal even then.

Kristin: If you couldn’t be an author, but anything else…what would you be?
Áine: Well, I’m not just an author.  I am first and foremost a mom.  I have 6 bio-kids and one step and LOVE them all terribly.
*I love that you always place your kiddo’s first.*

Kristin: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Áine: Reality, dreams, personal experiences, books, etc.  Inspiration comes from all parts of life, or at least it does for me.  Everything from my friends that either are or were closeted to the horrors on the news, or even short lived shows that I loved… it all blends in the mind and heart and comes out on paper.

Kristin: What’s the name of your most recently published book?
Áine: Blood Bound is my current to-be-released (release has been delayed a week L ).  So my only published is Blood’s Voice, published June 1, 2011.  So far, it’s been a terrific experience. I’ve gotten some very positive feedback on the book and met a lot of wonderful people in the blogosphere.
*I’m sorry Blood Bound got delayed. I have read it and it is phenominal!*

Kristin: Who is your favorite character from this book and why?
Áine: I would have to answer the same as last time.  Even though the books are written from Anya’s POV – so far – my fav character is Declán.  He’s just so laid back and yummy.
*Ah, Declan. I love him. He is so loving and caring, strong and sensual. The perfect gentleman.

Kristin: Independently published or commercially published?
Áine: Indy Published.

Kristin: If independent…did you attempt to get commercially published?
Áine: Not on this book.  I would love to have both books re-published commercially but at this time don’t have an agent.

Kristin: Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring writers?
Áine: Write what you love and let yourself love what you write.  We often get so caught up in what others say about our work that we forget that they are only a small voice and possibly not the target audience.  Take the good from the negative and ignore the rest.  Keep writing, that’s the most important thing.  Keep writing and stay true to your vision.

Kristin: What is the most useful advice you received while writing any book?
Áine: “Let me see more of the love building.”  At one point I had taken out a lot of the lovey/relationship stuff, fearing it dragged the story down too much and thankfully I was smacked and told to put it right back where it belonged, lol.  The story wouldn’t have been ‘real’ without the love.  TY guys J
*Oh, I am so glad you chose to leave the love and relationships in the book. I am also glad that you built on the original relationship. So intense and unique.*

Fun Stuff

Kristin: The apocalypse is coming…what do you do?
Áine: Live what life I have to the fullest with all those I love and cherish.

Kristin: If you were stranded on an island, name the 5 things you could not live without?
Áine: I would say my kids but I’d never want them stranded anywhere.  My books, laptop, caffeine!!!, cell, oh, and all the cords and electricity needed to run them. ;)
*Definitely caffeine. And good thinking on the kids. Better they are safe.*

Kristin: What 5 things are within your reach right now? No cheating?
Áine: My laptop; a stack of books to be read; mp3 player playing a mix of Godsmack, Muse, Blue October, and Three Days Grace; my cell; and a picture of my 7 yo daughter receiving a reading award.

Kristin: Favorite book ever?
Áine: That changes too often.  I love books, most all books… I don’t have a favourite.

Kristin: Ultimate bad boy crush? (TV, Movies, or Books)
Áine: Louie from Interview with the Vampire, the book.  The movie was good but I love the book!

Kristin: Ultimate good guy crush? (TV, Movies, or Books)            
Áine: Seeley Booth, Bones.  Sexy, sweet, heroic, yet venerable and flawed…

*A woman with great taste. I love Seeley. I have missed him dearly over the last few months. The season premiere is Thursday! Yippee!!!

Kristin: Favorite food?
Áine: Sagg Paneer

Kristin: Favorite Movie?
Áine: Princess Bride.

Kristin: Favorite TV show?
Áine: Probably Bones.  Followed closely by Dexter. (No pointing out the irony there, lol.)

Kristin: Favorite Song?
Áine: Voodoo by God Smack
*I went to a concert once upon a time. It was a spur of the moment thing and something I didn’t typically do. It was so much fun though.

Kristin: Favorite singer or band?
Áine: Right now?  Muse.

Kristin: One food you would never try?
Áine: Chitterlings.

Kristin: The most exotic food you have ever eaten?
Áine: Alligator probably.

Kristin: Day on the beach or snow skiing down a mountain?
Áine: Snow skiing, hands down.  I love snow and the mountains, plus the last time I spent any real time at the beach I ended up with sun poisoning – not fun!
Kristin: Campfire with smores or curled up in front of the fireplace?
Áine: Curled up in front of the fireplace, preferably with a nice cuddle-buddy.  :D

Kristin: If you could move anywhere on this Earth, where would it be?
Áine: Ireland.  I would love to at least visit if not outright move there. 

Kristin: Health nut or junk food junkie?               
Áine: Honestly?  Depends on the day.  I am a vegetarian and try to eat healthfully but I do so love BBQ chips and cappuccino, lol.

Kristin: Two books you think everyone should read. (Yes, you can and should include yours.)
Áine: Blood’s Voice + Blood Bound
Anything by Dr. Seuss… (does anyone else notice a theme here, lol)

Kristin: Are there any blogs or websites you frequent?
Áine: Better Read than Dead, of course.  Love it here!
Readinista, Intoxicated by Books, Laced Little Muffin’s, Earth’s Book Nook, Darlene’s Book Nook, The Writer’s Voice, Breaking Bookshelves, Book Breathers, Close Encounters of the Night Kind, Throwing Books, Geeky Girl Reviews, and too many others to think of right now.  I love blogs!
*Ahhh…thank you so much. I love having you here! You are always so kind to comment on different posts. I love hanging around your blog too. So much fun stuff going on over there.

Kristin: Places my readers can stalk you?

Áine, thank you so much for stopping by for a visit! I have really enjoyed our visit today. I hope you will stop by again soon. Be sure you read The Silent Supper.

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  1. Wonderful interview! Interview with the Vampire was one of my favorite reads when I was younger and I devoured everything I could find by Anne Rice. Your House Millar series sounds like a couple of great vampire reads!

  2. Thank you Donna. I loved Anne Rice's book... still do.
    I hope you take a chance on a new vampire :) and enjoy the House Millar!



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