Friday, November 11, 2011

How to Worship A Goddess by Stephanie Julian

Title: How To Worship A Goddess
Series: Forgotten Goddesses
Author: Stephanie Julian
Publisher: Sourcebooks
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Stephanie Julian Website
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Lucy is the Etruscan goddess of the moon, hunted by a powerful demon. One misstep and he will trap and consume her in his bid to escape the underworld. Lucy has stayed one step ahead of him, but she didn't count on falling for minor league hockey player Brandon Stevenson. Brandon's not one of her worshippers, but he is determined to win over the gorgeous woman who watches him at every game and won't give her up without a fight—even if it means releasing the beast he holds inside.


While I liked How to Worship a Goddess, I did not love the second installment of the Forgotten Goddesses Series. I enjoyed the lore behind Lucy Aster, aka - Lusna, Etruscan Goddess of the Moon, but I felt the story went on and on and on. Lucy was a weak character in my opinion. She is a forgotten goddess who has managed to retain some of her power via her Lucani followers. Lucy has a love for hockey and has her eyes set on Brandon Stevenson, local hockey god...little does she realize he has his eyes set on her. When he shows up at her hidden oasis, she decides one night of lust couldn't hurt anything because she intends on erasing his memories when all is done. Emotionally weak, Lucy doesn't erase enough and Brand is back at her bar the next night.

Lucy has been in control of everything in her life and Brand intends on dominating her in the bedroom. One thing Lucy has never been is dominated because her followers would never dream of "demeaning" her in that way. This storyline is far from unusual but I usually enjoy it; however, in this case, I just didn't buy it. Brandon initiated the domineering role but never actually followed through with it, with one exception. The sex is sizzling hot, but it could have been hotter.

Lucy has other troubles besides Brand on the horizon. A demon is hunting the goddesses in hopes of steeling their powers and gaining access to the mortal plane. When a trusted goddess sister of Lucy's shows up to warn her, Lucy decides she is invincible...leading her straight into the demons hands and endangering everyone she loves. Lucky for her, Brand's parents have taken great pains to hide what he truly is. With the help of friends, he may be the only one who can help her. 

I would definitely say this is a worthwhile read for lovers of erotica, lore, and sports. How to Worship a Goddess is a unique blend of all three.

*Sourcebooks Publishing provided a free e-proof of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest honest review. 

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